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2011 Year In Review

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Last March as Blu was transitioning into his new position at the County Health Department he had an idea brewing. All the individuals whom he works with seeking recovery are required to attend a 12 step meeting in the community to help them with their recovery from addictions. After much thought he proposed an idea known as Addict II Athlete. This program would incorporate his erase and replace philosophy, meaning erasing the addiction and replacing it with something of greater value, that being athletics.   While working at one of his last programs Blu really enjoyed the physical...

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Secret Of Success

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Inevitably, there will be times in an athlete’s life that finishing the race will not be possible. There are so many variables stacked up against the athlete that sometimes, I repeat, sometimes finishing the race alludes them. From being under or over hydrated, to a strategically placed blister forming on the sole of your foot that makes completing the journey impossible. Yet, we consider that a failure. You will never have a perfect race, just as your sobriety will never be a perfect experience. It’s how we look at what we deem as failure that shapes us into the agents of sobriety. It...

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One of Us

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I joined a group last April called Addict to Athlete and we have been running 5k’s. We run to have better health and better people to hang around. It also stimulates the brain …and to set an example to others still struggling with addiction it gives me a great sense of accomplishment after I finish each race and push myself to the limit it is a great recovery tool for me!……..THAT’S WHY I RUN.

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