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Running to, not away

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It was to be her second official 10K race and as she took her mark at 
the starting line of the 6.2 mile journey I hugged her, gave her a 
high five and quickly rushed up the racecourse to briefly catch a few 
photos as she would soon be running by. Gathered around her several
 friends, a few acquaintances and a massive amount of strangers all in
 pursuit of the same goal… to finish. At 7 AM sharp the race began and she passed me with a wave of confidence as she was absorbed 
into the massive human wave of excitement. I quickly rushed to my car
 so I could get to the finish...

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Erase and Replace

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Erase and Replace is my philosophy of eliminating attributes of addictive relationships, behavior, emotion, and objects then Replacing them with things of greater value. This concept is fundamentally the keystone to a sure foundation of recovery and healing. This process is challenging and will require an abundant amount of resolution to be effective. The repossession of our life is quite possibly the most exhilarating, yet scary time in early recovery. Having grown so accustomed to a certain lifestyle, the unknown for individuals early in recovery, can seem a daunting task if not approached...

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Devil’s Playground

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A crucial factor within the foundation of Addict II Athlete was addressing the importance of unstructured leisure or free time. If left unchecked this time is what makes or breaks recovery. When this time becomes unstructured and boredom sets in most people switch back to default settings, old habits and make poor decisions. Boredom is one of the most important topics in recovery because it has the potential to be the source of much misery. Boredom is just a precursor to some fairly heavy emotions that if gone unchecked, will overwhelm even the most dedicated individual. Feelings of...

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