About AIIA

We are a free community support group available to anyone touched by addiction. Whether you are in recovery yourself or have family or friends who have, or are currently battling addiction, please come join us. Addict II Athlete is run solely on volunteers and donations. If you are so inclined and would like to help please click the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of this page.

We are a group of friends, peers and family members who all have one thing in common…addiction. By knowing an addict, having been affected by addiction or being in recovery ourselves. We have come together to help one another with the outcome from all angles of addiction. We have found a new way of life, by exercising and becoming physically fit. This has become a pivot point in our new way of life.

We are here to carry the message of recovery and change the outlook of the word… addict. To show that there is hope for every individual affected by addiction out there. We have adopted the philosophy of Erase and Replace, defined as; erasing our addiction and replacing it with something of greater value (ie. friendship, family, respect and compassion).

Our goal is to spread the message of recovery to the addict and family of the addict who still struggle with addiction and to show that we have discovered a more excellent way to live.

We wish to redefine the public’s view on addiction and recovery.

Many in our fellowship have been told there was no hope for them, “Once an addict always an addict”, that we would never change. Unfortunately this is a common viewpoint. This belief is simply not true, we are living proof that change is possible, all we need is an opportunity and we have found it by moving from an addict to an athlete.

We are here to put addiction and recovery in the front of everyone’s minds and to literally redefine who we are as producers and creators of something bigger than ourselves. We are here to take a stand and to make a difference, showing we are good people and are living proof that overcoming addiction begins at the starting line as we take strides alongside one another, in unity, to cross that finish line together, knowing that we are the best athletes in our world.

Our vision is in moving from an Addict to an Athlete HONESTY will create a foundation of HOPE and FAITH. We will then have the COURAGE and INTEGRITY to instill purpose with a WILLINGNESS to seek HUMILITY and FORGIVENESS. We will stand for JUSTICE through PERSEVERANCE and AWAKEN the champion within to go forth in sobriety and SERVE.

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Addict to Athlete TRAILER from AJ on Vimeo.

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