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Time of Your Life

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Well said Mr. Bueller. But have you ever stopped to think, why life seems to speed up the older we get? How amazing could it be to really live in the moment, to see that there truly are no ordinary moments. When addiction distracts us from our purpose we lose track of time and so many other experiences we could or should have had. Putting yourself on an addictive time out may lead us to believe we can delay time, yet time will not wait. As the fog of using begins to lift a real fear and...

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Becoming Who You Are

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I once heard that you have to ‘be’, before you ‘do’, in order to have lasting inner peace. More simply, making a living is not the same as creating your life. It is to discover the tune or rhythm of life that allows your heart to sing and moves you to the beat of your own music. Many individuals work long hours, struggle through weeks, months and even years only to regret or dislike what they do for a living. It’s known that around 53 percent of people in the American workplace are unhappy with their jobs. What a sad existence to put in so much time for an outcome of regret, anger,...

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There I sat, in a room of about fifty or so people from all avenues of life. To my side a half dozen adolescents wishing they were somewhere else. I was responsible for these kids and besides, they should be grateful, sitting in a 12 Step meeting had to be better than sitting in their rooms back at the youth treatment center they came from. I listened intently to the accounts of attempted sobriety and successful moments of a few brave souls who dared enough, or cared enough to share, when an older gentleman raised his arm to the sky, an indication that he was next to speak. With a...

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Olympians of Sobriety

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Have you ever pondered, “What does it take to become an Olympic athlete”? I would say it takes years of learning and practice. An Olympic Athlete must be willing to spend years practicing to be the best in their sport. To be
 an Olympic Athlete requires
 commitment, a kind of promise or pledge to work toward a goal. Olympic Athletes follow a schedule and plan for training time. Every day of the week, they go to practice. There is much sacrifice, or giving up what one likes to do. Olympic Athletes give up many activities. They keep up with schoolwork by studying before and after...

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Running to, not away

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It was to be her second official 10K race and as she took her mark at 
the starting line of the 6.2 mile journey I hugged her, gave her a 
high five and quickly rushed up the racecourse to briefly catch a few 
photos as she would soon be running by. Gathered around her several
 friends, a few acquaintances and a massive amount of strangers all in
 pursuit of the same goal… to finish. At 7 AM sharp the race began and she passed me with a wave of confidence as she was absorbed 
into the massive human wave of excitement. I quickly rushed to my car
 so I could get to the finish...

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